Peran Motivasi Pada Pembelajaran Bahasa Inggris

  • Qorinta Shinta Jurusan Teknik Informatika STMIK PROVISI
Keywords: English, motivation, instrumental, integrative, external


At present time English has been a global language widely used in various areas one of them is education. In Indonesia, English is considered a foreign language, a language learned as a school subject. To learn English, learners need motivation since learners need to be driven to success. Therefore motivation plays a crucial role in teaching learning process. In previous reseraches, it turned out that instrumental or external motivation was the one driving learners to learn English in countries in which English is as a foreign language. This result implicates that in those countries, motivation dominating in English learning process was instrumental motivation suggesting that it was the basic motivation which encouraged learners to learn English due to the wish to pass tests, to get good scores, to get jobs, and to enhance  career.  While  in  countries  in  which  English  acts  as  a  second  language,  as  means  of communication both in education and business, learners learning English are integratively motivated due to inner needs to develop their skills in English, while the exposure of external factors such as media, environment also play important role