Karya Komunikasi Visual dalam Dialektika Budaya Masyarakat di Kota Semarang

  • Fitro Nur Hakim Jurusan Sistem Informasi STMIK ProVisi Semarang
Keywords: Cultural dialectic, Deformation Visual Works, Warak Ngendog Semarang


Pluralistic     society     in     the     city     of     Semarang     still     reflect     a     harmonious     inter- ethnic between Javanese, Chinese, Arabic in life. Diverse backgrounds and faith communities in the city of Semarang enrich the cultural artifacts, works of visual form of a spiritual charge. Artwork in the form of   craft   toys   Warak   Ngendog,   has   inspired   several   works   of   important   visual   representation of typical Semarang is a form of cultural dialectics in the city of Semarang.

Uniqueness  as  well  as  the  hallmark  of  Semarang  has  been  treading  a  new  episode,  the evolution    of    art    as    a    form    of    harmony.    Cultural    dialectic    is    happening    in    the    city of Semarang was already beginning to show the superiority of one culture forces background of other factors that dominate public life.

Deformation occurs in the form of the head of Warak Ngendog, the first representations of imaginary  animals  dragon,  camel  and  goat  (the  harmony  of  ethnic  Chinese,  Arabic  and  Javanese) into  a  tangible  form  of  the  Dragon's  head  intact  only.  Dysfunction  "culture  of  support"  in  the

representation Horse Parade was raised in the annual ceremoni Semarang, but the harmony remains

the breath of life. Dialectical forms of culture can be seen also in the works of visual communication such as Logo Pilwalkot, Semarang Great Sale and Semarang United