Pentingnya Komponen Estetika Seni dalam Penciptaan Website

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Keywords: Visual Aesthetics Website, Website Design Process, Communication Media Website


There have been many human benefits achieved from the website's presence in every aspect of life, from personal to a fabric with a level of security complex. Beginning of media websites are used in communication between producers and audiences is an era where graphic designers spread its wings as a designer of advertising media. Website viewed as an alternative to the media campaign and advertise the product, so the media is designed with the activity of the design process as a visual designer to design print.

Computer technology has revolutionized philosophical step creation of a website into an instant activity with the concept of content management systems. One thing remains a life-traffic websites in the visual media is adopting the rules of aesthetics. Technology is only a tool in creativity in creating an artistic website. The idea boils down to human aesthetics of the website as the source and target in bridging the communication effectively