• Victor Gayuh Utomo Program Studi Teknik Informatika STMIK PROVISI, Semarang
Keywords: candlestick chart, binding, WPF


In the world of stock trading, charting is commonly believed to provide a better view to the stock prices rather than a table. While there are many chart types exist, candlestick is at the top of the heap. Candlestick chart considered gives a quick visual analysis of price action. But despite of its popularity, it is so hard to find a development tools that provide candlestick chart type.

On the other hand, there is Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). Built based upon the newest Microsoft technology, the WPF differs from the older Windows Forms. By using an Extendable Application Markup Language (XAML) file as user interface definition, WPF use DirectX to render the definition to graphics on screen. Using DirectX also means an ability to create animation and 3D object, things can’t be found on Window Forms. Not only improvement in graphics, WPF also introduces a new way to bind data to its interface. Though it’s not complicated, it requires a little work to implement.

This article is going to use WPF to build a candlestick chart component. This component will able to display a candlestick chart on screen only by binding data to the component