• Hardianto Hardianto Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Bontang
Keywords: optimization, Genetic algorithms, Greedy algorithms


Along with the development of science and technology emerging new problems, such as issues of efficiency and optimization. In this study, the chosen optimization problem is in the field of sales distribution tansportasi eagle beans, which will be searched in the search for the shortest route optimization, the fastest time and the obstacles on the way of the eagle bean distribution warehouse to the customer and back to the barn again with Genetic algorithms. The purpose of this study implements Genetic algorithms in determining the distribution route optimization eagle bean sales in Surakarta. The research method used is a matter of research, research tools, and how to research include: observation and interview, read the literature, installation of application programs, business analysis eagle bean sales distribution, design and implementation, testing, analysis of test results and draw conclusions.
The research was done by designing a graph model distribution system in accordance with the eagle bean sales data obtained, then the graph is assigned a weighting of each form of distances and speeds between the use of standard nodes using ArcView GIS 3.3 program. Then calculated and simulated by computer to obtain the optimal route sales distribution system using a eagle beans Genetic algorithms. he study produced a information Genetic algorithm computing time, the street names as nuts eagle sales distribution routes that travel along the existing barriers, the travel distance and total travel time distribution of total travel sales nuts from the warehouse to the customer's eagle and back again to the warehouse with animation optimal route.
Based on the test results shows that Genetic algorithms can produce close to optimal in the case of the distribution system sales compared to peanuts eagle Greedy algorithms of search results and the estimated riel a driver.