Pengujian Stop Kontak Pintar Menggunakan ESP 32

  • Aris Sudaryanto Universitas 17 Agustus 1945 Surabaya
  • Andri Eka Wahyudianto
  • Aldi Rizaldi


At present electricity consumption in Indonesia is very high, so the costs to be paid for electricity
consumption are also high. Like it or not, everyone must make electricity savings both in terms of lifestyle
and in terms of electrical equipment. To support electricity consumption savings, the we took the initiative
to design this Smart Socket Using ESP 32. This socket consists of ESP 32 microcontroller and relays, ESP
32 is used as the main system control, while the relay functions to connect or disconnect the electricity
based on control from ESP 32. ESP 32 also has a wifi feature so that this tool can be controlled remotely
during connection with internet network. From the tests that have been done, the smart socket that has
been made can work with a success rate of 100%.
Keywords: Electricity, Socket, ESP

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Sudaryanto, A., Wahyudianto, A. E., & Rizaldi, A. (2020). Pengujian Stop Kontak Pintar Menggunakan ESP 32. JURNAL TEKNOLOGI INFORMASI DAN KOMUNIKASI, 11(2), 27-30.