• Christian Lilik Henri Destinasi Pariwisata Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana
  • Victor Gayuh Utomo Teknik Informatika STIMIK Pro Visi
Keywords: Mobile Commerce, Open Source, Promotion, Products, UMKM


UMKM have a huge impact in national economic construction because it absorbs many employments. Many products can be developed or produced by UMKM because Indonesia is very rich with raw material that can be processed into a commodity with higher economic value. Beside equity, management, production and mentality, promotion and marketing also became a major problem for UMKM. Some UMKM still practicing marketing and promotion using conventional way. Consumer responds to current product of UMKM can be enough reason to expand marketing reach and gain more selling by using promotional media that can easily be accessed anywhere anytime. With the rise of technological infrastructure towards mobile technology, nowadays people tends to utilize it in their daily life. Smartphone are not a “fancy†thing anymore, some people even consider it as an important tool. This can open an opportunity to do business in mobile setting. Doing business through mobile phone then called as mobile commerce. Mobile commerce is expected to increase selling and promotion by giving easy access to consumers by using mobile commerce website through their handheld devices such as smartphone, PDA, and other handheld devices. This research aims to develop and build mobile commerce application to promote UMKM’s products online with wider reach, to implement information technology for UMKM by designing and building mobile commerce application as online shop and utilize it as a means for promotion to add values to the products. This research was conducted using computer based engineering method, according to software engineering principal through development process of System Development Life Cycle. SDLC consist of analysis, design, implementation, testing, and evaluation. This steps can be done overlap each other and in cycle. The result of this research are mobile commerce application that can be used as a promotional selling tools to support operational of UMKM.