• Purwanto Purwanto Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Manajemen Informatika dan Komputer Tunas Bangsa Banjarnegara
Keywords: Personality Tests, Multimedia, Adobe Flash CS3


Adolescence is a time of transition, whether physical, emotional, and social, between childhood with a maturity period of which has its own importance in the formation of his personality, because in this period there were many major changes were influential in various stages of later life. Youth is a social organization teenager has a function as a place for developing the younger generation. But along the way, the activity of youthfulness often hampered by conflict and differences of opinion between the board and members. In addition because of ineffective communication, as well as their temperament is still immature.
One way to handle the problem is to get a good understanding of temperament yourself and others. Books personality test that is able to provide information about the types of personality, still less effective because it takes quite a long time and give less accurate results. For this reason the application was made Personality Test For Teenagers Using the Adobe Flash CS3. This study uses several methods of data collection by observation and interviews, as well as the method that is a prototype system development. From the results of research conducted, obtained a score of 75.33%, which can be concluded that the application of the Personality Test can replace the old test method is done manually, the interface is easy to understand and provide fast and accurate results.